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Class Schedules

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All Ranks Classes
Steve DiOrio Uechi Ryu Karate
We combine all ranks in our classes because it is extremely instructive for new students to work with students who are just ahead of them.  And it is a true test for advancing students to exercise control and to teach newer students.

Daily Practice

All students are encouraged to practice a little each day.  Our Daily 8 program makes it accessible and fun for each student to track their progress.


Kids Classes – age 4-10

DSC_0856For over 20 years our programs have taught Uechi-Ryu karate, an Okinawan based martial art to hundreds of students. Uechi-Ryu is much more than teaching kicks and punches. We increase kids’ confidence and self-esteem, show how to handle peer pressure, bullies, enhance their physical ability, coordination, and develop real world self-defense skills – all while having fun.

Many of our students have continued through to adult. We are honored to have produced over 40 Jr. Black Belts through our programs.

Beginner Level: (beginner through yellow belt). Students learn the basic skills of karate while giving students a good workout and instilling confidence. Karate forms are introduced. Intermediate Level: (higher yellow belts through blue belt). Student are introduced to more challenging karate skills with emphasis on “Virtues over Violence.” Advanced Level: (blue belt through black belt) At this level, we stress mastery of karate skills and prepare the student to test for Junior Black Belt with emphasis on personal achievement.


Teen class – age 11-16

Our teen classes follow a similar curriculum to our kids classes.  At the teen level, the instruction is somewhat more serious but with an eye toward the incentives that kids need at that level.  We also recognize and work to increase the fitness level of our teens both for health and as cross-training for other sports.


Adult Traditional Karate class – 16+

The adult curriculum combines traditional Uechi-Ryu karate along with techniques and drills from several other martial arts as appropriate to build skills and attributes.  The adult karate classes also include self defense, fitness and flexibility training.  Students are able to start at any age and fitness level and then move forward at their own pace. Karate at The Dojo is an  excellent way for an adult to increase health, fitness and coordination, reduce stress and have fun – all while learning valuable self defense skills.

Adult – Men’s Self Defense 16+

This class teaches how to Protect Yourself and Your Family when the “unthinkable” happens and there are NO RULES
Movies, TV, and Video Games teach men that they should be masters of violence without ever being trained how.  This is ludicrous.
Many men expect that they should be hard-wired to handle a street mugging, a home invasion, a car jacking, etc.  The simple truth is … NO ONE IS.

Learn  the secrets you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • How to recognize pre-assault cues and what to do about them
  • Strategies to diffuse a bad situation before it becomes worse
  • Assault on women vs. assault on men – it’s different and you need to know why
  • Things you should know before you end up in court
  • Simple techniques for ending a fight – FAST

Adult – Tools and Tactics

Black belt or by invitation only

This class explores strategies and techniques across several martial arts styles to create a “super fighting style” for the advanced student who wants an exceptional training experience.  Please see Sensei-Steve if you are interested in attending this class.