“Steve is an exceptional teacher. He brings a deep knowledge of the subject matter to every class and shares it with each student, no matter the level of his or her own understanding. Anyone with whom Steve interacts gains in knowledge and ability – to practice the art, to understand the theory behind it, and then to share that with others as well. He is, himself, always improving, and it shows in the new and interesting techniques he often uses to make his great classes even more exciting. I’ve been privileged to work with Steve for 5 years now, and I can only hope to continue.”
Rich F

“I can not recommend Steve highly enough. He is one of the most valued and trusted people in my family. The positive impact he has had on my son, and his level of commitment is astounding. He is the type of person any parent dreams of coming into their child’s lives. He is a true gem of a human being. My son has been attending Steve’s classes since he was very young, and still loves going, and runs to the car when its time to leave. I think that alone is a ringing endorsement for any youth activity.”
Steve H

“Mr. Diorio is an excellent martial arts instructor. I have personally witnessed his patience with students and his attention to detail and accurate information. I always leave his classes with new knowledge and a new perspective on my training. Mr. Diorio is an asset in the martial arts community and a hidden gem for any student looking for a quality instructor.”
Jesse M

“Steve has been my son’s karate instructor for approximately 7 years. He is a tremendous teacher. He is not only an expert in what he does, but he is excellent at communicating with young children, adolescents, and teenagers, as well as their parents. He understands how to improve his students’ karate skills, while building their self esteem. I have also observed him teaching his students basic values to help them become better human beings.”
Paul G

“Steve is a mentor to all that come in contact with him. His skill as an instructor is unquestioned. He has the talent to motivate while while having fun. He is Inventive but focused both as a teacher and an administrator.”
Bob K

“I have know and worked with Steve DiOrio for over 20 years. In all that time, Steve has always displayed the highest degree of honesty, loyalty, and integrity. He takes pride in every task or job he works on. He is a dedicated detailed oriented professional, in addition he has always demonstrated the confidence needed to face the toughest leadership challenges. Steve has natural leadership ability, and has always demonstrated strong, dynamic, leadership skills. Steve has always had the ability to learn rapidly and adapt quickly to all changing managerial situations. He excels in the planning and follow through of major projects, while guiding and mentoring his subordinates and providing them with the resources needed for them to attain success. Steve also has the ability to overcome unforeseen and extreme difficulties, while still achieving his set goals. I give Steve DiOrio my highest professional and personal recommendation.
Jay S