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Women’s Self Defense - Tools and Tactics
Keeping yourself and your loved ones SAFE!

2013-08-22 20.32.54Self-defense is not just to prepare you for the few times in your life when you might have a scary encounter.   Self-defense training builds unbreakable confidence and should be an integral part of your life.

Tools & Tactics Training at The Dojo is a departure from the usual self defense class.  The classes are principle based rather than scenario based –  the practitioner is trained to react appropriately to any situation.

You will learn to:

  • Be aware of your environment
  • Recognize warning signs of violence
  • Recognize common ploys used to get past your defenses
  • Be a “Hard Target” so the bad guys leave you alone
  • Use your voice to project power
  • Defend yourself

Tools & Tactics Training at The Dojo has been taught to Military Police and members of the “Red Hat Society”

Skills are acquired quickly and you train in an atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly and respectful of your physical limitations.

This workshop is appropriate for age 17+

Tools & Tactics Training at The Dojo gives you an edge, a secret weapon: Unbreakable Confidence

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Men’s Self Defense
Protecting Yourself and Your Family When the “Unthinkable” Happens and there are NO RULES

Movies, TV, and Video Games teach men that they should be masters of violence without ever being trained how.  This is ludicrous.

Many men expect that they should be hard-wired to handle a street mugging, a home invasion, a car jacking, etc.  The simple truth is … NO ONE IS.   

Come to this FREE Hands-On Workshop For Gentlemen ONLY and find out the secrets you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • How to recognize pre-assault cues and what to do about them
  • Strategies to diffuse a bad situation before it becomes worse
  • Assault on women vs. assault on men – it’s different and you need to know why
  • Things you should know before you end up in court
  • Simple techniques for ending a fight – FAST

Kid Safe

Every kid deserves to understand what to do when they are:

  • approached by a stranger
  • bullied by another child
  • treated inappropriately by another adult

In this workshop, we give kids confidence.  We help kids understand the situations they may encounter without frightening them – and then we show them proven strategies for getting out of an uncomfortable or dangerous situation to return to safety,

Girl’s Empowered Workshop

Our Mind Goal:  Give you important information that will allow you to see trouble coming and avoid it.

Our Body Goal:  To turn you into a “Porcupine”. The Porcupine isn’t the toughest animal in the forest, but nobody messes with them!

Our Spirit Goal:  to help you gain the confidence needed to live life free from fear. In any encounter with violence you will be afraid, but you don’t need to live in fear of the encounter.

At The Dojo, our self defense class is a departure from the usual.  We we believe that information and preparation are your greatest weapons. You will be armed with  a series of simple, effective strikes and tactics, and then you get to practice against a “real” (padded) opponent.  We don’t teach complex response scenarios. You will take home tools that work for any situation.

We teach girls to :

  • Set boundaries
  • Resolve conflict without fighting
  • Standing up for themselves and others
  • Recognize stalkers online
  • Physical safety though straightforward self-defense techniques